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Turkish Original Oushak Eşme/Nomad Rug PGI
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Coğrafi İşaretli Ürün Açıklamaları
Coğrafi İşaretin Adı : Eşme-Yörük Kilimi
Coğrafi Sınır :

Original Turkish Oushak Eşme-Nomad Rug PGI Label (Geographical Indications Product) - Family Tree

-ID information-

Identification Number: 028HRA0000133

Origin / Origin: Oushak Eşme-Nomad Rug - Turkey

Geographical Sign Registration No: 23

Name of the Product: Family Tree

Dimensions Square meters: 0,98 m x 1,65 m = 1,617m2 Square meters

Place of Production: Oushak Eşme / home

Manufacturer: Anonymous / Public

Production Year: Between 1980-1985

Production Method: 100% Hand Production

Production Time Approx: 2-3 months

Pattern Quality (out of 10): 8

Weight: 2,590 kg (1950 gr / square meter-Age Less Available)

Dye Technique: Root-Natural Dye

Thread Technique and Weft Warp Yarn: Kirman / Woolen Wool - 100% Wool

Pattern / Collar Features: Tree of Life, Yingyang (Love and Unification), Ram's Head, Hair Tie, Hand-Comb, Amulet, Wolf Trail, Bukağı,

Product Condition: Excellent

In front of you is a hall or small room rug with the perfect expression of a masterpiece. Produced to spread out in a common area that almost everyone can see, this rug reveals the meaning of life in an epic way. Explaining that women should be strong and take this power from other women, this rug was woven in the 1980s and has been kept in its first day condition. You can leave a very special legacy to the future while adding dignity to your spaces with this wool-to-wool rug, which is obviously woven by a master narrator. Thanks to the unifying power of this rug, which contains deep meanings, from the hands of a nomad woman, all the bad eyes will be dispersed and the size and dignity of your family will be strengthened. Technically improvised rugs require years of mastery to achieve such a clear expression.

What Does This Rug Say?

This rug is the advice of a mother who has two or more daughters at the age of marriage to her daughters or grandchildren before leaving this world. So what does he say? “My daughters, all of you will marry, if you live in the balance of love and respect you have established in your home and establish loyalty among yourself, you will have a great tree of life. You will be the foundation of this tree. Your children and your families will always be together, and they will climb the stairs to life by taking your example. If you are together, you will overcome all evil, your spouses will be dependent on their families, you will fly like a bird gently into the afterlife. While we provided the foundations for this in our own family, you are here. May beauties be with you, respect, love and unity should not be far from your families.

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Oushak Eşme, since it is the settlement of the Yoruk/Nomad-Turkmen people, on his rugs and carpets, the nomadic Turkish arts in BC. It still maintains many cultural features dating back to 15.000s. Oushak Eşme Yoruk Rugs, which have received Geographical Indications since 1997, continue to be produced with its root and natural dyes, wool-wool technique and magnificent motifs. The Oushak Eşme Yoruk Rug has a very special place in the world. Oushak Eşme Rug, whose value is increasing day by day, the number of producers is decreasing day by day and which is woven with local knowledge, has structural features that are not found in other regions of Anatolia. Oushak Eşme Rugs have been so admired and demanded from history until today that they have started to be woven for commercial purposes with the orders of the merchants. There are rugs mostly used by the people of Oushak Eşme for their own houses. However, it has now become almost impossible to find the weavers of the Yoruk/Nomad Turkmens in their homes. For this reason, Oushak Eşme Yoruk Rugs from the past have started to be valued more and more. Especially those older than 80-100 years have begun to appreciate very seriously.

The yarns in the old rugs, which have been woven by the people for their own needs for a long time, were twisted and twisted by the weaver at home and prepared by being dyed with root and natural dyes at home. These rugs showed special features to the region with their color, motif and composition. In Oushak Eşme, rugs are woven by women on vertical looms called "Istar" in homes.

Rug Condition Terms:

Extraordinary: It is the term used for rugs and carpets that have the characteristic of having a very difficult or special production technique, aging correctly, or having a high level of artistic value, as well as having no defects in the product. The value of new or second hand rugs and carpets, which are in outstanding condition, continues to increase over the years.

Antiques: Although the product is over 80 years old, it has a design, paint technique and origin features that can preserve its artistic value. Antique products can tear, wear, and cause pain. Most antique products have a more valuable aura as they age due to the natural paint and construction technique. For this reason, antique expert values ​​are formed according to the current state of the antique products, the way they are worn, their production techniques and the region.

Excellent: Rugs and rugs in excellent condition are flawless, clean, with the potential to increase in value, bearing the characteristics of the region, and produced correctly. They can be antiques when used properly.

Good: These are carpets and rugs that have average defects in carpets and rugs and are likely to increase in value.

Medium: These are carpets and rugs suitable for daily use, which may have minor damage, do not have a high degree of motif difficulty, and are average in terms of yarn and paint material used.

Mediocre: Rugs and rugs with low pattern difficulty, relatively easy to manufacture, lost their quality in various aspects (torn stains, paint mixing, etc.).

Hand-made carpets and rugs do not have bad or very bad classes. All the carpets and rugs produced are a great hand labor. However, there are carpets and rugs that cannot create their value within the bounds of possibility. All carpets and rugs produced are very special works of art that require great effort and production time. For this reason, there is no carpet or rug with low hand made value. There are only carpets and rugs whose appraisal value is relatively lower than their square meter. Our recommendation is to use handmade carpets and rugs in your home, office, and in all areas of your life. One square meter rug or carpet is made in 1-2 months on average. Natural rugs and carpets organize the energy of your life, add value to life, improve your artistic approach, and are beneficial to nature. It is completely a part of nature, sustainable and harmless.

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