Online Auction Rules Global Online Carpet-Rug Auction Rules

Dear Participants, (Endemigo Teknoloji A.Ş.), headquartered in Yıldız Technical University Teknokent, is an e-commerce online marketplace that guarantees only Geographically Indicated, Original, Certified products. Endemigo, which brings together the world's most special Geographically Indicated and original products with its customers, now brings you the public auctions of rare and special products.

The suppliers of all the products in our auction are various high-level collectors, carpet-rug suppliers, weavers, wholesalers, store owners and experts from Turkey and around the world. All suppliers are officially registered with Endemigo. These suppliers, from time to time, want to auction the products they have advertised on Endemigo or the products they want to auction specifically, at very special starting prices through Endemigo to create an opportunity for their customers. We offer buyers these exclusive, rare and specially priced products as an Intermediary Service Provider. Carpet-Rug Auctions is a prestigious event where geographical indication registered, original and unique hand-woven carpets and rugs of Turkey and the world are exhibited and sold. Endemigo Carpet-Rug auctions are open to carpet-rug lovers all over the world. We are sharing the following rules for you to review before participating in this important event.

1. Registration and Participation:

Anyone who wants to participate in Endemigo's auctions, buy carpets or rugs, bid and bid must register. After completing the registration process, Customer Satisfaction Support Team will send you a confirmation notification and you can attend the event and submit your offers.

*For registration, you must register via Login-Sign Up page, our official WhatsApp support line, our call center, our e-mail addresses or via message from our social media accounts. Any participant who has not registered cannot participate in the chat during the auction. He cannot make a bid (offer). All customers who are members of and shop online do not need to register separately.

2. Original and Geographical Indication Product Warranty:

All products offered for sale in Endemigo auctions are sold in line with the information provided by the suppliers. (Region, age, rope type, dye technique, etc.) Endemigo Suppliers are obliged to offer all products they offer for sale through Endemigo as original and/or geographically marked products. The products are explained in their entirety as they are during the live broadcast. The product that is eligible to be purchased is delivered to the buyers by cargo as shown in the auction, with the buyer paying.

3. Catalog and Descriptions:

For each auction, some of the items to be auctioned are shared as a catalog on our social media accounts and their descriptions are presented. Examine this information carefully and do not hesitate to ask us your questions about the products through all our communication channels.

4. Auction - Bidding Auction System and Rules:

The screen of the Editor (moderator) desk is taken as reference in determining the validity of all bids placed in the auction. The editor screen is always considered a notary. In Endemigo, products can be auctioned using different systems.

Some of these systems;

For products with an announced opening price, the product will not be put up for sale before the opening price arrives. We announce the opening bid for the product and wait 20 seconds. If the starting bid does not come, the product is withdrawn from the auction. The product with the starting bid is now up for auction, you have the chance to raise your bid every 5 seconds. If there is no upgrade within 5 seconds, the server announces that a sold message will be sent to the buyers. 20 seconds after this announcement, a Sold message is sent by the editors. The bidder with the highest price right before the Sold sign appears is entitled to buy the product. In case of repeated bids, the first bidder is entitled to buy the product.

Products opened at a free price: Participants can bid on products opened at a free price, starting from any price they want.

Bid Raises: Up to 10,000 TL, it is increased in 100 TL and its multiples, 10,000 TL and above is increased in 500 TL, 20,000 TL and above is increased in 1,000 TL and its multiples. After 20,000 TL, an upgrade is made at the auction server's discretion and the product is sold directive is given. There is no counting of seconds between bids over 20,000 TL.

Products opened to Bought by Reduction Method: The price of the product is shared, the first person to say "I bought it" from the moment the price of the product is announced is entitled to buy the product. If the buyers do not write "I bought" for the first price within 5 seconds, the price of the product starts to decrease at 5-second intervals. The customer who best chooses the point where the product will be called "I bought" wins the auction.

Those who bid 2nd and 3rd among the other bids that came before the last bid are kept on the reserve list.

Products opened with Free Bidding: For products that have not been auctioned with a base price and are offered for auction with a free price, the person who bids the highest is entitled to purchase the product. Suppliers of products offered for sale with free bidding during the auction may withdraw their products and give up selling them after the auction by paying the penalty commission determined by Endemigo before the auction. For products opened with a free bid, the buyer is entitled to purchase the product after the suppliers approve the sales price of those products after the auction.

5. Buy Now System:

Some of the items offered for auction may be available for sale on the website before or during the auction. Buyers can make purchases by paying the Buy Now price on, and the purchased items will be withdrawn from the auction. Anyone around the world has the right to buy online until the auctioned item is sold. Once the product is sold at auction, its online sale is automatically closed. From that point on, the sole owner of the product is the winner of the auction.

6. Participation Fee: Auctions are divided into Public and Private.

Participation in Public Auctions is free and no commission is charged from the buyer.

To participate in Private Auctions, you may be required to pay a participation fee and/or commission. These fees and payment methods are announced before the event.

7. Payment Terms:

You must pay for the product you won within the specified period (2 business days). All products purchased from auction are invoiced as +VAT. You can contact Customer Satisfaction Support Team to get information about payment options (Money Transfer-eft, Visa-Master Credit Cards, American Express, Western Union, Giropay, Sofort, Ideal and other options) and conditions. Never make payments to any place other than Endemigo's Official Bank accounts for the products you are entitled to purchase, without calling you from Endemigo officials. protects the rights of buyers and sellers as an intermediary service provider. All purchased products are under the guarantee of the "Payment Protection System". Endemigo is at your service 24/7 with customer services to ensure the security of all parties.

8. Cargo Delivery Times:

All products purchased from Endemigo are delivered to the authorized cargo company within 2 business days after payment is completed. For domestic deliveries, it is sent by Domestic Cargo or Sürat Cargo, and for international deliveries, it is sent by UPS Cargo. Delivery time of cargo companies to customers is within 1-3 business days.

9. Refund-Cancellation Requests:

The supplier of a product may withdraw its product or stop selling it for a justified reason. If a supplier withdraws the product without justifiable reason, he loses his right to participate in the Auctions and pays a 5% penalty on the sales price of the product.

This is also valid for Buyer Customers. Our customers who return the product they purchased without giving a justified reason lose their right to participate in auctions for 30 days, and if they repeat it for the second time, they cannot participate in Endemigo auctions in any way.

The return period for all items purchased from auction is 3 days. During this period, you can return the product without giving a reason. If you want to return it after 3 days, you must show a justified reason. You have the right to return any product you purchase.

10. Auction Community Rules:

Comments of our viewers who did not register during the online auction may be deleted in order for our auction to proceed smoothly, and participants who violate the rules will be blocked by the Editors. Blocked users cannot participate in Endemigo Auctions for at least 30 days.

Customers who do not purchase the product after placing a bid in the auction lose their right to participate in the next auction.

11. Privacy and Security:

Participants' privacy and security are important to us. All personal information is kept confidential and security measures are taken.

As the data controller, adopts the principles stipulated by the KVK Law in order to comply with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 ("KVKK"), processing, deleting, destroying, anonymizing, transferring personal data, informing the relevant person and fulfills its obligations regarding ensuring data security. For detailed information, you can review our Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy page and access the detailed information text on our website.

To get more information about the Auction system or to share your questions, you can contact us on our 24/7 Customer Satisfaction Support Line (+90 850 885 5008 - +90 533 938 5008 -

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