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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Traditional Wealth of Ankara: Nallıhan Needle Lace

Nallıhan is one of the most colorful districts of Ankara. It is located on the historical silk road, 160 kilometers from Ankara. The district got its name from the Nallı water flowing near it and the Ottoman vizier of the period, Nasuh Pasha. Nallıhan enchants those who go with the endless traces of the Anatolian steppe. Due to its location, both trade and biodiversity in the region are quite high. Nallıhan is a bird paradise. It is home to 179 birds, each different from the other. The most famous of the birds is the black stork. Black stork is mostly found in Nallıhan in Turkey.
Those who want to enjoy the nature and beauties of Nallıhan should taste the local flavors of the region. It fascinates those who try delicacies such as stuffed leaves, stuffed rice, and höşmerim. Thanks to Nallıhan's rich texture, visitors always return to their homes happily.

Meaningful Production of Nallıhan Needle Lace

Nallıhan Needle Lace is the first thing that comes to mind when Nallıhan is mentioned. Nallıhan Needle Lace Jewelry, among the handmade jewelry examples, makes a name for itself both with its construction and with its stories. Its construction is completely handcrafted. It carries the feeling of the person who made it and the meaning of the jewelry. Nallıhan needle laces have a symbolic meaning. While grape lace means lifelong happiness; Chamomile is happiness. Come to the ivy and signify that the mother-in-law is on good terms. Rosemary lace has a more bitter meaning than other laces. The meaning of rosemary lace; that there is a bad relationship between the bride and the mother-in-law. Women who wear Nallıhan needlework have expressed their feelings in this way. If a bride is pregnant, she announces it to her surroundings with needle lace jewelry. The needle lace, which is often used by pregnant women, is violet. Violet indicates that a woman is pregnant.
Those who want to understand that Nallıhan's needle lace is a geographical indication product, there are some things to know about jewelry. The carvings used are entirely made of silk and are twisted from yarn. The other feature is that needle laces are made on the root, not on the edge of the fabric, and then sewn to the edge of the fabric.

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