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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Anzer Honey & Hatila Honey with Geographical Indication

Anzer Honey grows on the Anzer plateau of Rize. We know Rize with its high mountains and sparkling streams. As an example of the most popular natural and geographical places in Rize; Anzer Plateau, Glacial Lakes, Palovit Plateau and Waterfall are Ayder Thermal Springs. Many livestock activities are carried out in these high places. Rize, one of the highest provinces of the Black Sea, is known for its many products. Many products produced by the locals of the city are also protected by Geographical Indication registration. Many products are grown naturally in high mountains and plateaus. The Black Sea climate prevailing in Rize brings precipitation to the region every season. Thanks to the abundant rainfall, the diversity of grasses is high. In this herb variety, bees carry the pollen of many flowers to each other, resulting in high-quality honey as a true original product.
Anzer Honey is a product of the Rize region with Geographical Indication. This means that the production patent of Anzer Honey belongs to Rize and its export to the whole world is made with this registration. Geographically Indicated products are generally formed according to the climatic characteristics of the region where they originate. Thanks to the high North Anatolian mountains in Rize, honey is produced.
Hatila Honey is grown in the Artvin region close to Rize. Artvin, like Rize, consists of high mountains and plateaus. Thanks to the similar climatic characteristics, Artvin residents produce high quality Geographically Indicated Hatila Honey specific to their own geography. It is not necessary to go to Rize or Artvin for both types of honey. By clicking here at Endemigo.com, you can order immediately and buy real, original and geographically marked.
What Should I Pay Attention To While Buying Honey?
In general, the environment required for honey production is high average elevation. Since beekeeping activities are developed at high altitudes and production processes are protected, honey production is also real and high quality. Real and naturally produced honey is the best quality honey. Eating Geographically Indicated honey, which is an original product for human health, is beneficial for the immune system. These features should be considered when purchasing honey.
It can be a little difficult to distinguish between real and original honey. When purchasing honey, you can pay attention to the region and its quality. You can be sure of the production procedures and quality of honey if you buy a product with a Geographical Indication label belonging to a certain region, such as Anzer Honey and Hatila Honey.

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