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Monday, May 2, 2022

Permanent Protector of Local Products: Geographical Indication

The lands of Turkey have hosted great civilizations for thousands of years. From past to present, many states have been established and countless societies have lived in Anatolian lands. From Alexander the Great to the Persians, from the Byzantines to the Ottomans, the land of Anatolia has become a multicultural place over time. Every human tribe brought their own culture, cuisine and handicraft with them. With each innovation, local tastes and handicrafts began to differentiate regionally.
What is a Geographical Indication?
In the Black Sea region, Sürmene Knife stands out with its unique production, Nallıhan Needle Lace is known for its local handicraft and Silifke Strawberry is known for its unique taste. The multiculturalism of the Turkish lands brought the unique talents of each region to both craftsmanship and cuisine. From the kebab made in Adana to the watermelon grown in Diyarbakir, local flavors have come to be known as unforgettable products. The product produced by each province, district and town has been revealed with a certain difference and features specific to that region. Geographical Indication product labels were the biggest factor in distinguishing the resulting difference.
Geographical Indication products provided the understanding of food, food and handicrafts that bear the signature of the local production place. With the Geographical Indication label, both quality and reliability are guaranteed. Manufacturers have achieved higher quality by complying with the relevant production procedures and standards 100% and constantly inspecting them. Thanks to Geographical Indications, counterfeit products are also tried to be prevented. In this way, many obstacles to the right producers have been removed. As reliability increased and customers became more aware, awareness of poor quality and fake products/brands increased. The most important feature of Geographical Indication products is that all information is visible from a to z when the product name is made with a simple search.
With a simple search, for example, it was easy to understand what kind of knife the Sürmene Knife was and what material it was made of. Customers became aware of the originality of the Sürmene Knife with the Geographical Indication registration. With this awareness created, reliability and quality; It is riveted both on behalf of buyers and on behalf of manufacturers.
Geographical Indications Products are on Endemigo.com
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