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Monday, October 9, 2023

Cultural Treasure of Humanity: Hand-Woven Turkish Carpets & Rugs/Kilims

Real, original, completely natural and completely handmade magnificent Turkish Carpets and Rugs are only at Endemigo.com. Endemigo has brought together completely original, local, geographical indication registered carpets and rugs for you. The most important feature of Turkish Anatolian carpets and rugs is that each one is unique. All carpets and rugs produced are handcrafted/hand-woven and completely original works of art. When you buy Turkish hand-woven carpets and rugs, only you will have that product. There may be similar motifs and designs locally. However, these similar designs are never exactly the same. You can only guess the region from the colors used and these similar motifs and weaving features. Endemigo, which creates the largest and most exclusive catalog of these completely original, personalized, naturally produced Turkish Carpets and Rugs, offers these valuable products to you and the whole world. Endemigo is the only address of unique Turkish carpets and rugs in the world. Our expert suppliers, who travel all over Anatolia, collect the most special carpets and rugs from villages, plateaus, accidents, towns, and carefully prepare them for the end you. You can use every carpet and rug you buy from Endemigo with the Original Product Guarantee. The products you use are always valuable, collectible or antique.
How Is The Value Of Hand-Woven Carpets and Rugs Determined?
1- Rarity: Rarity is the application of the distinctive color, motif, weaving, design features of the region of the carpet and rug with a different or rare combination. This increases the value of the product. In addition, the carpets of some regions may also acquire rarity due to the fact that they are in high demand, production has stopped, and they are very rare. For example, Afyon Super Thin Kilim, Gördes Carpets.
2- Production Quality: The quality of the rope material such as wool, cotton, silk, hemp. The most valuable ropes are clean sheep wool rope spun by hand with a kirman, bursa silk, mercerized cotton, hemp rope obtained from hemp plants, camel hair, horse hair rope, angora goat (angora) rope. In Anatolian carpets and rugs, especially rope spun by hand with kirman is preferred. Carpets and rugs whose weft and warp, i.e. all of them, are made with kirman rope are very durable, high quality, easy to use and naturally valuable products.
3- Dye Quality: Paint quality is as important as the rope. Contrary to popular belief, only the term Root Dye (Kok Dye) is misused. Not every color is obtained from root plants. Dye is obtained from various plants, roots, soil, even insects. All these dyes are valuable. They contain the experience of thousands of years. Very special carpet and rug color tones are created in this way. For this reason, all colors in Turkish carpets and rugs are referred to as natural and root. The color known in history as root dye is red. However, red is not only obtained from the root. Red color is obtained from various types of stones and insects. All of these colors obtained naturally from nature are valuable. Straw, chamomile or turmeric yellow, oak black or indigo blue are equally valuable. What makes the color valuable is that they are naturally derived colors and the rope is made to hold these dyes very firmly. The durability of the dye can be understood as the carpet or rug becomes more beautiful as the years go by, as it sees the sun, as it is washed. For this reason, old carpets and rugs that have been used but have become beautiful are more valuable.
4- Knitting, Knot Technique: The production technique of each region may differ. However, the quality of each knitting technique may vary. The density and smoothness of the weave, the way the motifs are revealed, and the use of colors increase the value of the carpet and rug. Fineness is valuable in all carpets and rugs.
5- Motif, Size, Design: The dimensions of carpets and rugs affect their value. For example, sizes close to square are considered more valuable due to the large number of usage areas and the fact that they provide a special appearance. They are also valuable in rare sizes. For example, a thin, long runner or a large floor carpet of 12 square meters or a bed rug close to a square size are valuable sizes that are difficult to find. The placement of motifs according to the scale of the carpet and rug, the difference in design, the harmony of colors increase the value of the carpet and rug.
6- Mistakes: Contrary to popular belief, mistakes increase the value of carpets and rugs. For example, when a distinctive motif of a region is done incorrectly, a very different design can emerge. In addition, if an inexperienced person makes mistakes in the local motifs and design or does it according to his/her head, a brand new design can come out of that region. At the same time, the authenticity of the production and the fact that it is a human production becomes more evident with such mistakes.
For example, sometimes deliberate mistakes are made in carpets and rugs. If a bride has not woven a carpet or rug as her own dowry, but instead her sister or mother has, they deliberately make an abraj (color difference) in the visible part of the carpet or rug. This is a signature and a reminder. Whoever wove this dowry for the bride, this mark is left so that she does not forget this favor. In addition, one of the reasons for the abraj is that the rope is not enough, the dyeing of the rope does not match the tone, or a similar color rope is bought from a neighbor. All of these are the story of that work of art. And it always increases the value. It is the mixing of dyes that decreases the value. Abraj never decreases value. Unfortunately, this issue is generally misunderstood.
7- Fashion and Demand: One of the most important issues that increase the value of carpets and rugs is that they are in high demand from time to time. Being fashionable, increasing interest, etc. increases the value in such cases.
Footnote:  It is shown to be repaired as a situation that reduces the value of Hand Woven Carpets and Rugs. This is false information. Repairs made by masters with the right technique often even cause the value to increase. The important thing is that the repair is done by the master in accordance with the original. Turkish carpet and rug repair masters are the only masters with the ability and experience to repair all carpets and rugs in the world. They start learning this job at the age of 9-10. And they have incredible mastery of weaving techniques. For this reason, properly repaired Turkish carpets and rugs never lose their value.
Important Information: Turkish Carpets and Rugs are not mass production (manufacturing) due to their origin, tradition and structure. When we classify Mass Production (Manufacturing) carpets and rugs:
a) Carpets and rugs produced by order of carpet makers in villages
b) Carpets and rugs produced by workers in workshops opened in towns
c) Carpets and rugs produced in shops operating as design workshops
d) We can divide them into carpets and rugs produced in factory-style areas opened under the control of the state or cooperatives.
Manufactured carpets and rugs are not very popular. Only carpets and rugs that are designed by a special designer and produced in small quantities, produced only one by a very special master, or specially produced in these production centers, either one or very few examples, are very valuable. For example, Kumkapı Carpets, Hereke Carpets, Root Dye Sacks or special productions made with old rugs are included in this scope. If we says Turkish Carpets and Rugs in general, it means that we are talking about the carpets originally produced by Yoruks, Tribes, Turkmens in the villages, highlands and houses.
Some Turkish tribes are very advanced in weaving. For example, Yüncü Yoruks, Karakeçilis. Some villages are very advanced in weaving, for example Nuzumlu, Kızıl Kilise. Some towns are very advanced in weaving; for example Hereke, Yahyalı, Sındırgı. Everywhere in Turkey there are regions with particular characteristics.
Are Hand-Woven Carpets and Rugs an Investment Instrument?
Carpet and rug production has almost stopped in Anatolia. The reason is that demand could not be created to meet the costs. Because the value of this great art and craftsmanship has not been explained to humanity correctly, and there is a special imperialist pressure to create demand for fabricated productions. Today, 1 square meter of an average quality carpet is woven in about 1 month. If you consider the minimum wage and add all the costs, the price per square meter of a carpet or rug should be around 35 - 40 thousand TL or 1,500 dollars to cover the cost. Now, if you look at it from this point of view, if you read what we have written above and finally, if you think that the world is increasingly creating a serious demand for natural, organic, healthy, handcrafted products, you will better understand how much carpets and rugs will be valued.
Currently, all hand-woven carpets and rugs are disappearing every day and new ones are not being produced. It is also getting harder every day to find special ones. Museums, collectors, antique dealers, those who care about natural life, human labor, art, sustainable nature are increasing day by day and demand these products more and more. While not giving investment advice, we can say with peace of mind that the value of hand-woven carpets and rugs has started to increase significantly. And it will continue to progress like this. Do not take this as investment advice. We have shared our ideas with you in a very informative and impartial manner in our article. We do not know any other product that adds value to our lives, that we use by touching, that is a work of art, that respects nature, that is very valuable, and that gives happiness by contributing to human pleasure and intellectual development. Its current monetary value is far below its real value. We think that everyone should have an original, natural, beautiful carpet or rug while it is accessible. Be sure to get the appropriate product for yourself. You will be as happy as if you bought a work of art.
Hand Woven Carpets and Rugs are one of the oldest and most profound works of art of the Turks, coming from the deepest depths of history. When you buy a carpet or rug, you do not just buy a hand-woven product, you gain the story of each carpet and rug you buy, go to its region, connect with nature, experience unique moments and share them with your loved ones. Carpets and rugs are an intellectual and enlightened pleasure.
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