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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

The Country of the European Continent Famous for its Cheese: Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small but beautiful country located on the ocean coast of western Europe. The Netherlands is known as the country of canals because it is below the water level. Water channels pass through every city that has a coast to the ocean. The water channels create a nice souvenir for those who visit the country. Cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam are among the must-see places. While the touristic structure of the country attracts visitors with its natural beauty, Dutch cuisine remains in everyone's mind.

Famous Dutch Cheeses

One of the most famous features of the Netherlands is its cuisine. For gourmets, the Netherlands is the place where the finest delicacies are tasted and the most special flavors are taken. The tasteful nature of the country permeates its cuisine, as it does in every other field. Breakfast products, on the other hand, constitute the part with the greatest variety. The Netherlands exports its cheese variety to every part of Europe and every country in the world. It is possible to find almost all kinds of cheese. At the beginning of the most important examples to be given as a product name; It comes in Edam cheese, Maasdam cheese and Gouda cheese.

Edam Cheese

Edam cheese is among the most famous foods. It is one of the most used cheeses. With its softness and salty structure, it leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth of the eaters. While the cheese is soft when bought new, it will harden over time when kept. The aroma of Edam cheese, which hardens over time, changes and becomes sharp.

Gouda Cheese

Gouda cheese is among the most preferred foods. It is used in sauce making, pizza and various dishes. It is produced in the city of Gouda as a Geographical Indication product. It is made entirely from cow's milk. It leaves a soft and creamy taste in the mouth of the eaters. The favorite detail of those who eat Gouda cheese is the color of the cheese. Cheese is a food that will be preferred by those who eat it with its light yellow color.

Maasdam Cheese

Maasdam cheese is a cheese made with 100% cow's milk. It is one of the recommended products with its mineral and nutritive structure. Those who have tried it say that it tastes like butter. With its slightly hard structure, it is very easy to digest.

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