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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Geographical Indication Products in the World

We all know that each country has its own souvenirs, food, geographical beauty, special products that they have developed their craftsmanship. Thanks to these products and beauties, we often want to visit those countries or cities. We buy matryoshka dolls from Russia, wine from France, sushi from Japan, and carpet from Turkey. It is almost like buying a piece of a city from that country. These products allow us to remember the places we have been to or share them with our loved ones.

In the times when it was difficult to travel in the past, travelers used the products they brought from there to better explain the places they went and saw. The issue is to tell about Turkey, Turkish women introduced embroidery, lace, lace work in an invitation given by the Turkish consulate in France. Intellectual people who saw these products in France were very impressed and started to use these products themselves in the fashion world. What we call French Guipure is actually nothing more than Turkish lace work. We also know that societies affect each other about many products in this way. Most people do not know, but what we call Italian Pizza is a product that comes out of Turkish pide. These interactions have occurred many times in history.

The rapid development of the economy in the 1900s and the legal developments in patents and copyrights brought with it the registration of many products. However, these registration procedures are generally used for new products. Many local products, which are seen as the common heritage of the history of humanity, and are always developing, did not need to be registered at first. However, the development of technology, the ease of travel, the fact that the world has become a small village has increased the importance of such local products day by day and naturally started to bring great profits to countries and producers. From this point on, national and international patent offices began to formulate laws to register many products. Nowadays, we call all these registration processes, which are created to standardize the products, to produce them correctly, not to go out of their region or country, and to prevent the product name from being used by others without permission.

Currently, there are more than 60,000 registered products in the world. Almost all of these products go through a lot of inspections. Because these products represent those countries or cities. In this way, the products are produced correctly, the highest quality, the most real, the best meet with people. Most importantly, products that have been registered with a Geographical Indication can be protected and transferred to the future.

Geographical Indications for Endemigo means happiness of the world. Because our humanity has produced many things for thousands of years and the best, highest quality and most beautiful products have survived until today. The biggest reason for these products to survive until today is that they are products that make people happy and make them have very special experiences. We can say that the common point of these experiences is that they give happiness to people. Endemigo.com is always aware that it is doing a very important job for you to reach products with Geographical Indication. Endemigo.com, which works for both producers to continue to produce and consumers to reach the most valuable products, always looks forward to delivering a Culture of Happiness to you.

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