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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Carpet & Rug in the World and Turkey

The first carpet known in the history made by Turks. Thats why, the most experienced masters of the world in carpet and rug craftsmanship came from Turkey. However, we will tell you the subject of carpet and rug from a different perspective that has never been looked at until now. Naturally, this point of view will also reveal the point of view of Endemigo. We don't expect our perspective to be quickly accepted all over the world. However, we have no doubt that it will be a ground point. We won’t deal with the reason why it hasn’t developed such a perspective on carpets and rugs till now, even though it could be one of the first productions of artworks in the world. Our point of view is to take this issue more seriously and to change all points of view from today. Although it is a bit exciting that the geographical indications for carpets and rugs started to registered, it is still sad to see that the right approaches have not been formed. Our only request from you is please  read this article very carefully. After reading this article, we know that your perspective on Carpets and Rugs will change completely.

If you do a research on the Internet as what is art work, the first defitinition you will encounter is "The works that evoke beautiful associations in people, reflect the unique emotions, excitements, imagination and talents of the artist, and develop the world of human emotion, thought and imagination.”. When you ask, "What is the function of an art work?“Art work is made without economic and functional value. The works made as a result of aesthetic concern and pleasure are art works”. It is original, unique and rare because it is made with an aesthetic concern. So it is original and unique. “Let's also make our own definition. In our opinion, the answer to the question "what is an art work"; They are unique and original works that create associations in people, make them think, improve our perception and perspective, carry aesthetic concerns, and communicate with them in order for humanity to move one step further towards beauty. “. Yes we made similar defitinion only with slight difference. The phrase “in order for humanity to move one step further towards beauty.” concerns us significantly.  Now let's come to the question of whether carpets and rugs are art works. Is there aesthetic concern, imagination, excitement, feeling of originality, developing the world of imagination in the carpet and rug making process? We can say yes to all of them without doubt. So does it develop humanity? To answer this question, it is necessary to go back to old times. Towards the beggining, to prehistoric times…

We will try to explain to you in shortest way. In prehistoric times, people first began to produce tools and to paint large paintings on caves and stones. We can say this the beginning of the thought. Later on, they started learning abstraction (reducing the size of the things they drew and making them easier) because drawing or engraving these pictures on stones was long and difficult. Later on, the symbols occured. They started to express their thoughts with simple symbols. Almost all of the abc that we use today emerged with the development of these symbols. But symbols always had a language. We see this on ancient inscriptions or various works that we find and we are still trying to analyze it. One of the important points to differentiate here is that these languages created with symbols have mostly disappeared over time and most of them are very difficult to analyze. Most of the works,techniques that used and symbols have been lost by time. Today, Only very few art works from thousands year ago exists. We can say that the biggest reason for this is that these works contribute to humanity beyond the time that they have discovered. Carpets and rugs are exactly that kind of timeless art work for Turks. Art that far ahead of its time.. Like the explanation for timelessness…

It is an art that created with such techniques, such inventions, such colors and symbols that it has become almost impossible to be forgotten or to stay behind in time. Many artists and intellectuals are well aware of this situation. Nevertheless, the artists who made this art never got the value they have deserved. Because the artists who produced carpets and rugs were more concerned about sharing their feelings, views and aesthetic feelings rather than financial concerns. We do not mean women who make carpets and rugs. In our opinion, they are the greatest artists. And they are special people who have reached a very high level in art. So far, we have talked about a little bit of history. Now let's dive deeper into real terms.

We briefly mentioned the symbols above and how are they formed. These symbols developed in the prehistoric times and their meanings quickly became known and accepted in the places where they have found. How should it not come? Every symbol and colors that that you see (We don't say motifs because motifs have no sound equivalent. Turkish symbols have sound and word equivalents.Therefore, it is called as a symbol or stamp.) has a meaning in Turkish carpets or rugs.

Even its knitting technique, knot density or comb thickness all has a meaning. These meanings come together and the world of emotions, thoughts and dreams that the artist wants to give you emerges. It requires such a high level of technique and skill to make the carpets and rugs even the greatest artists today would not be able to handle it if they try.

Yes, being an artist is a hard work. Artists work labor intensively, but making carpets and rugs often goes one step beyond the art. Now let's talk about how carpets and rugs talk to us. How do they tell us about their issues? Think of it in this way, you have various materials in your hand, hundreds of symbols, colors, techniques that you have learned its all your mind… You sit down and start to work, you start telling your story with the symbols in your hand.

If you are using a 4-5 square meter canvas and  if you are going to make a difficult work, sometimes you are weaving a work that will last more than a year. In the result of your work, you say: We are a society on the edge of the waterway, let the evil eye do not touch us, may our mothers love their brides, may our men be strong, may our people have a good life, may our children be talented, the bad things should not come to us, our humanity will develop, the person I love will return from the military safely, i want to be happy and get married, let love cover all of us,may nature help us,may people get along well with each other, may the world be a better place every day, may ur freedom bring happiness to the whole world, let the sun always warm us, be the meaning of life, let the peace to cover our inside, i wish to have child that will give goodness to society and the world… There are thousands of art of work carpets and rugs with such messages. Let these messages have been given to us in the most aesthetic way in the middle of our home for hundreds of years, thousands of years and generations.Think about the children who grow up with these messages how useful they would be for the world and humanity.

Imagine these people who grow up with this beautiful messages in their minds while their aesthetic feelings develop, learn labor, nurture their souls and engrave the most beautiful messages; how fair and sensitive they would be with the aesthetic feelings. Please really think about it. Maybe It is necessary to look at carpet and rug art from this perspective. which is perhaps the greatest gift of Turks to the world. Nature is never harmed because of the process of the making carpet. The artists that make the carpets are specialized in their fields for years craft the rugs and carpets with yarns obtained from wool, silk, cotton, naturally dyed yarnds. This mastery is at such an advanced stage that it continues to be applied with the same techniques today that have been developed for thousands of years,  together with the information transferred from the ancestors. In this way, a message processed centuries ago still creates the same effect today. Likewise, a message processed today will create the same effect after centuries from now.

There is no fasion of a carpet or a rug, it has a bond between its artist and its user. Both of them only agree on the beauties they want to give to the world and take from the world. This is a type of communication. The transmission of a word, emotion, or dreams is sometimes an homage to that feeling. Carpets, rugs are the overflow of emotions by combining a lot of great effort with aesthetic concern. It is to shout their beauty to the world. It is to want beauty to develop and be sustainable. Humanity developed its intellectual world with art.While the world's first oil painting was made in Afghanistan in the 7th century, it began to become popular in Europe in the 13th century. Considering the carpet and rug, its history is not known in real terms. According to some, it is at least more than 5 thousand years old. The oldest carpet found is the Pazırık Carpet, a Turkish carpet from two thousand years. Think about how much oil painting techniques have developed today, how much paints,canvas, brushes have improved. However, the Pazırık carpet is over two thousand years old and the Afyonkarahisar Pazırık carpet produced today are made with the same technique. There is only one explanation for this. Carpet and kilim art is an art that is far beyond its time.

As Endemigo, we think you have a general understanding of our perspective on Carpet and Kilims. Well, we would like to talk about how we look at our artists, especially women, who produce carpets and rugs. From old times, artists could not see the value they deserved while they were alive. You may know many stories about this. Starving artists, artists who burned their paintings for warmth, etc. Yes, unfortunately, artists have not seen the value they deserve in history. Today, this situation is different. Art and artists started to be valued more day by day. This is amazing situation. Its further development is our greatest wish. Unfortunately, the situation is not pleasant for our women artists who knit and weave rugs and carpets. As Endemigo, one of our most important duties is to work for the change of this situation. We'd like to give you a few average numbers at this point. A good carpet or rug artist often has to start learning this art as a child under the age of 18. Because if there is no talent and interest, this is necessary in order not to waste time. Learning a difficult art is also a long and difficult road. The sooner this path is taken, the more art develops.

On average, a woman can weave approximately 50 to 100 square meters of carpet or rug fabric throughout her life. That's why it is a very difficult way to train female artists. At the same time, the weaving women tell the story of not only themselves but also the society, region and geography they are in. It is important to learn the colors, stamps (symbols) and techniques specific to the region. Thanks to the localities and techniques, it is known which community the story belongs. The wishes, abilities and feelings of that community are represented by that carpet or rug.

When that carpet is gifted to another community, it is a gift that much more meaningful than an olive branch. It means sharing beyond the words to be said. For this reason, the education of women artists who make carpets and rugs is very special. This training is based on the same technique of thousands of years ago. Whether she likes the job or not gets tested and hard works are given slowly. Sitting at the counter is the right for that girl to speak on behalf of the community. It is the right of representation. The appreciation of her work is the affirmation of the girl's right to representation. If the name of the carpet is Hereke Carpet and Milas Nomad Carpet, Artist Woman has the right to represent both her own emotions and the emotions of Milas Nomads at the same time. And the saddest part is, unfortunately, its earnings are very small. Performing this profession will never provide her with the earnings that will require her to establish her life on her own. She contributes little to household expenses with little earnings over her lifetime. So is this right? Of course not. You will devote your years to learn an art, you will work for days and it will be very difficult to make a living on your own…

Now let's share with you a few technical information on how to create an average carpet and be more familiar with the subject. We can quickly go over the subjects of spinning sheep wool, turning it into a rope, washing and dyeing it. These are subjects that require great mastery, but let's sit at the counter and empathize. You have your ropes stretched from top to bottom, side by side. You have decided on the colors you will use and hang the balls of the ropes in those colors. We do not use technical terms here, so that anyone who reads the reason can easily understand. And you have started to tie knots between 20 and 200 knots in a square centimeter, depending on the region, pattern and knot density of the carpet you want to make with every color of yarn. If we think of an average nomad rug, we can think that you tie 26 knots per square centimeter. If 26 knots per square centimeter means 10 thousand square centimeters 1 square meter, you have to tie 260 thousand knots. If you are a true master artist who is in a position to tie 3 thousand knots on an average day, you can work 10-12 hours a month and tie 90 thousand knots. This allows you to make 1 square meter of carpet with hard symbols with about 3 months of work. 1 square meter of carpet in 3 months. I guess you cannot put this carpet in your living room. You can also use either a prayer rug or a small hall. Well, if you ask how much this artist woman gets for 1 square meter of this carpet, we do not like to write this fee here. In our opinion, the wage that she deserves should be calculated on the basis of minimum monthly minimum wage, insurance and material cost with the labor value economy logic. Of course, we think its subjective value should be much higher. Because the product that produced is a work of art and a sustainable work that will continue to be valued for years. iy is organic and respectful to nature. Therefore, we are talking about a work that has an artistic value as well as labor value.

The fact that carpets and rugs have started to get geographical indications will speed up this process a little bit. Although the origins of carpets are generally understood from their techniques, they are considered as anonymous folk arts due to the lack of an identity or registration practice. In order to change this situation, it is not enough to get only geographical indication registry. As Endemigo, we are doing very serious studies on this subject. We communicate directly with our artist women who make carpets and rugs and try to determine the correct value of their works. We help them give identity to the works they produce and encourage them to get geographical indications. In this way, when you buy a carpet or rug from Endemigo, that rug is no longer an anonymous work, its identity and value are determined.You know how long, with which technique, by which artist, and on what date the carpets and rugs you bought were produced. And at the same time, you know that Carpet or Rug is real with the registration of Geographical Indications. This ensures that you support a timeless artist who comes from the deepest in the history and that the value of your product you bought with your support is not lost. At the same time, you have an organic, healthy work of art in your home that expands your imagination and contributes to the development of your children. Never forget that too; This work of art is such a work that the more you use it, the more its value increases. The biggest contribution is ensuring that these unique works continue to be produced for the next generations. In addition to all these, the aesthetic feeling that using carpets and rugs will add to your life in your home, workplace, your child's room is invaluable. Carpet, rug trap all good energies, dissipate and shatter all bad energies. This is one of the most important factors for gaining value as it gets older. Turkish Carpets and Rugs are artistic, anti-static, natural, healthy, sustainable, valued as they age, aesthetic, unique, original, useful and have a good energy. It is a work that will add value to your life.

As Endemigo, we work hard to give the value our women artists who produce carpets and rugs they deserve. We are working non-stop to offer the most valuable and original works of art to our customers who want to buy carpets and rugs, with peace of mind. As with all our other products, all our carpets and rugs are Geographical Indicated. We will always continue to be your most reliable single address to purchase products with Geographical Indications.

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