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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Important Information About Handmade Turkish Carpets & Kilims

Turkish Carpets and Rugs are not mass production (manufacturing) due to their origin, tradition and structure. When we classify Mass Production (Manufacturing) carpets and rugs:
a) Carpets and rugs produced by order of carpet makers in villages
b) Carpets and rugs produced by workers in workshops opened in towns
c) Carpets and rugs produced in shops operating as design workshops
d) We can divide them into carpets and rugs produced in factory-style areas opened under the control of the state or cooperatives.
e) Carpets and rugs that imperialist merchants, kings, or oppressive rulers forced to be produced under slavery.
As Endemigo, we do not support carpets and rugs produced with slavery order and mass-produced fabricated carpets and rugs. Only carpets and rugs that are designed by a special designer and produced in small quantities, only a few pieces produced by a very special master, or this production is specially produced by a special design, either one or very few examples are very special for us and real carpet and rug lovers.
For example, Istanbul Kumkapı Carpet, Hereke carpets, special productions made with root dye sacks or old rug rips, or carpets and rugs produced by manufacturers with great care and completely depending on old techniques, silk carpets woven by very talented children, women or men in villages and towns to invest in their future, carpets and rugs woven by criminals in prison to rehabilitate them and provide economic support to their families are included in this scope. Nevertheless, it should be noted that if we say Turkish carpets and rugs in general, the carpets and rugs produced freely by Yoruks, tribes and Turks in the villages, highlands and houses express the essence of this art. If we say Turkish carpets and rugs, it means that we are talking about this form of production. Some of the Turkish tribes are very advanced in weaving. For example, Yüncü Yoruks, Karakeçilis. Some villages are very advanced in weaving, such as Nuzumlu, Kızıl Kilise, some towns are very advanced in weaving, such as Hereke, Yahyalı, Sındırgı. Almost everywhere in Turkey and in the geographies where Turks live, there are carpet and rug production places that stand out with certain characteristics.
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