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Friday, March 5, 2021

Endemigo.com, Geographical Indication Products, Supporting and Developing Women Producers

As you know, Endemigo is the first and only address of Geographical Indications in the world. So why did we set out with such a mission? We will clarify this issue in case many people may wonder about this, and while doing this, we will answer many other questions that are curious in our article. However, as you can see from the title of our article, we will talk more about the support and development of Women Producers.

First of all, let's say that there are more than twelve thousand (60.000) registered geographical indication products in the world as of now. Most of the famous products you see in every continent, every country, every geography from Africa, America, Asia to Europe have received geographical indications and continue to receive them. In this way, these products are protected, controlled and produced under quality guarantee and delivered to customers. Of course, not every product can reach everywhere and everyone. There are many reasons for this, of course. There are many problems ranging from lack of production to labor-intensive products, insufficiency of marketing distribution network, insufficient sales and destruction of producers. In general, the majority of these products in the world are micro-scale producers, especially women. In addition, we can say that one of the main purposes in the formation of the Geographical Indication Registry is that these values ​​produced by humanity are not destroyed. Even though it has such a purpose, if these high-quality and labor-intensive products with Geographical Indications do not meet the consumer correctly, their production will decrease day by day and eventually the masters and producers who produce that product will disappear. One of the biggest reasons for Endemigo to turn to products with Geographical Indications and to adopt this mission as a mission to the whole world is to contribute to the preservation of these values ​​created by humanity.

If you notice, we said that on a micro scale, mostly women producers are labor intensive producing high quality products. These products are mostly Geographical Indicated. Many women manufacturers, from carpets, fabrics, jewelery, pickles, food to handcrafted bags, produce geographical indication products. It is obvious that these products need a market space to protect and develop them, for the producers to earn better and to continue their profession. Today, it is a fact that it is very difficult to protect women who are the producers of Geographical Indications, which unfortunately add value to the world within the framework of the rules of fabricated production and linear economy. This is where Endemigo comes in. They have a platform where all women in the world, especially in Turkey, can sell their products properly. In this way, they are able to develop the products they produce, the number of women who produce and gain their independence is increasing, and they are growing day by day by having the chance to meet with their customers in the right way. Thanks to the circular economy approach of Endemigo, all the stakeholders it works with are growing together, and great benefits are provided to the world. In addition, supporting labor-intensive and high-quality production seems to be one of the most important solutions to the developing unemployment problem in the world according to many economics professors. It is an important solution to unemployment and especially women's unemployment, which has become the problem of almost every country today. Producing, purchasing and marketing products with Geographical Indications. With this mission in Endemigo, it encourages women producers and always continues to develop projects for them with them.

Monday, March 8, 2021
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