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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Gaziantep History, Travel and Gaziantep Copper Handwork

Although Gaziantep is known as a city famous for its pistachio and baklava, Antep Copper Handwork is also very famous. Antep Copper Handwork art has been registered and is in the category of geographically indicated products. The most important feature of these embroideries is that they are made by soldering and processed with a tool called hammer pen. The history of this art is as old as the history of humanity. Copper Handwork products are products that are made with real handwork and can be used as home, kitchen and ornaments. The processing of these products can sometimes take days or even weeks.
The peculiarity of Gaziantep copper processing is that it is manufactured as a single piece (one piece), that is, no combining processes such as soldering and welding are used. In the processing of copper products in Gaziantep, apart from the simple processing method known as hammering and drawing, the processing technique of copper goods produced in one piece using a hammer and a steel pen, made only in Gaziantep, is a region-specific feature.
The distinctive feature of Gaziantep Copper Handwork is that the product is made from one piece by forging with a hammer and that it is produced using a hammer and a steel pen, and the motif is created by tearing off a piece from the main material (with the stealing technique). In this processing method, it is seen that the processing of a single piece sometimes takes weeks, sometimes months. The most difficult job in this profession is undoubtedly embroidery. Our skilful craftsmen patiently create a work of art by putting their knowledge, effort and spirit to the test. 41 main motifs are used in Gaziantep copper work. The motifs and patterns on the product are Seljuk and Ottoman motifs that have been used in the region for many years, and nature pictures are also used. It is sometimes used in religious motifs. Sometimes, special motifs prepared by masters can be used.
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Gaziantep's History
Gaziantep is a city with historical beauties and cuisine, known as Antep among the people and known as the "Paris of the East" located in the Southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey. The city is known for hosting multiple civilizations and different cultures. As a result of the researches, it has been determined that people have lived in the city since the Paleolithic period. It is known that the number will exceed 500 if desserts and kebabs are added to these dishes, where there are 291 known dishes in Gaziantep, which has an important place in the world cuisine.
In Which Region Is Gaziantep Located?
Gaziantep is located in the Southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey. Neighboring cities of the region are as follows.
  • Report
  • Sanliurfa
  • Hatay
  • Kahramanmaras
  • Osmaniye
  • Adiyaman
Places to Visit in Gaziantep
Gaziantep has both continental and Mediterranean climate characteristics. The city is hot and dry in summers and cold and rainy in winters. The best time to visit Gaziantep is the autumn months.
  • Gaziantep War Museum
  • Coppersmith Bazaar
  • Chain Bedesten
  • Customs House
  • Kaleoglu Cave
  • Gaziantep Castle
  • Turkish Bath Museum
  • Panorama Museum
  • Medusa Archaeological Glass Works Museum
  • Historical Naip Bath
  • Zeugma Mosaic Museum
  • Gaziantep Emine Gogus Culinary Museum
  • Atatürk Museum
  • Gaziantep Game and Toy Museum
  • Kurtulus Mosque
  • Antep Elmaci Market
  • Botanical Garden
Urban Transportation in Gaziantep
Transportation in Gaziantep is done by municipal buses, private public buses, trams and taxis. City buses and trams work with card systems. In order to provide urban transportation, you need to buy cards from the card filling points located at or around the bus stops and load these cards with a certain amount. City transportation fees vary between 3 TL and 6 TL.

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