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Monday, September 6, 2021

Kahramanmaras History, Places to Visit & Maras Peanut Butter

History of Kahramanmaraş

Kahramanmaraş is a city that has hosted many civilizations throughout history. According to the researches, the Hittites established civilization in the Kahramanmaraş region first and then hosted many civilizations such as Roman, Seljuk, Assyrian, Persian, Med, Dulkadir, Danishment, Macedonian, Byzantine, Crusader and Ottoman. Different civilizations that came to the region gave the city of Kahramanmaraş, with its current name, different names such as “Germanic”, “Markasi”, “Markaji” and “Maraş”. With the decision taken by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on February 7, 1973, the name of Maraş was changed to "Kahramanmaraş" and the name of the city has continued to be called Kahramanmaraş since then.

In Which Region Is Kahramanmaraş Located?

Kahramanmaraş is located in the east of the Mediterranean Region. Cities adjacent to Kahramanmaraş are listed below.
  • Kayseri
  • Sivas
  • Malatya
  • Osmaniye
  • Gaziantep
  • Adiyaman
  • Adana

Places to Visit in Kahramanmaraş

First of all, if you want to come to Kahramanmaraş to visit, we recommend you to choose the summer months as the season. Winter months in Kahramanmaraş are quite cold. The average temperature in the city in winter varies between 3 and 6 degrees. Although there was no active winter tourism in the region until the past years, Kahramanmaraş now opens its doors to its visitors for winter tourism with the ski center established in Dulkadiroğlu district.
Besides the historical beauties of Kahramanmaraş, its cultural and natural riches are also dazzling. There are countless natural wonders waiting to be discovered in the city. In addition to the natural and cultural beauties of the city, its food, desserts, and especially Maraş Ice Cream with Geographical Indication registered, are also appetizing.
Below is a list of places to visit that impress with their historical, natural and cultural beauties. You can start to discover the glamorous beauties of Kahramanmaraş by choosing a place you want from this list.
  • Taş Köprü (Stone Bidge)
  • Germanicia Ancient City
  • Traditional Maraş Mansions
  • Taş Han
  • Historical Trade Area
  • Historical Maraş Castle
  • Kahramanmaraş Archeology Museum
  • Baskonus Plateau
  • Döngel Caves and Village
  • Eshab-i Kehf Complex

Kahramanmaras City Transportation

You can provide urban transportation in Kahramanmaraş with municipal buses, minibuses, taxis or private vehicles. Municipal buses work with the card system. You can obtain these cards from authorized card filling centers located near most stations. After purchasing your card, you can provide local transportation by loading some money depending on the places you will go to. City bus services in Kahramanmaraş start at 06:00 in the morning and continue until 23:00.

Maras Pistachio Butter

It fascinates Maraş Pistachio Butter with Geographical Indications, its famous flavor made from real and 100% natural Pistachio, which is as famous as Maraş Ice Cream. This natural flavor, made with the use of early harvested peanuts, defined as "brown", brought from Gaziantep, was officially registered as belonging to Kahramanmaraş on February 15, 2021, as a result of the registration application made by Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality on September 19, 2016. Maraş Pistachio Butter is a very special sweet snack that requires mastery with its cooking technique. With its unique green color, the traditional Maraş flavor whets the appetite and meets the daily fat and sugar needs of our body. It reduces the feeling of fatigue. It meets most of your protein and phosphorus needs. The benefits are endless. It is a gourmet flavor that is very different from all other pastes and does not disturb the digestion easily.
If you want to try this flavor right away; You can buy Maraş Pistachio Butter with same day shipping from Endemigo.com, the address of the original products registered with Geographical Indications, by clicking here.


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