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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Endemigo.com Happiness Culture

We are making a very long journey together. If we look from the very beginning of the universe, we can easily see that the beginning of time is a very short time span of our existence. Well, if we ask how our humanity has come to its present situation, we can say that the most logical answer is always progressing. Yes, we are moving forward, we are progressing non-stop in almost every subject. We are constantly advancing towards new technologies, new scientific discoveries and new targets every day. So do you think we are not stopping somewhere during this progress? From time to time we stop and rest, review our mistakes and righteousness, and then continue to move forward again. This situation can be thought of as humanity's journey to eternity. So what do we want to see next to us when we stop or the points we have reached, or who or what feelings? Many people can give many answers to these questions. However, our answer is to see people with us, with whom we can share everything that will make us happy.
We, as Endemigo, are happy to share the most. We are a community that knows very well that our feelings, knowledge, talents, humanity, what we produce… Everything we call beautiful grows by sharing. That is why we live this culture in a cycle. We are moving forward with our cycle. Now you will say, what does it mean to go through the loop? Imagine our world moving forward, isn't it? Besides, it has been traveling all over space for billions of years. However, it does not lose the day and night. It does not lose the seasons. In other words, it is both advancing and preserving its values ​​that provide life. Actually, we can say that we are imitating the world. To discover the happiness and energy in life itself, you must have a cyclical progression. Of course, you should also protect the good things and carry them into the future.
Endemigo works to make the world a better place thanks to this culture. We try to carry the beauties we have gained as we move into the future into the future and share them with everyone around us. They say that one cannot always be happy, we think it is a bit about awareness. When our awareness develops, even a cheese or a carpet we step on can tell us a lot. You can share amazing stories with us. When you think about it, you will always see that beautiful people who produce something nice have more trouble sharing their stories than making money. If we go back to the story of cheese, do not forget that it can take you to the forest, the thyme fields, where it is produced. Or you can see many stories such as falling in love, trusting each other, sharing and labor on the carpet you print on. We can say that it is the culture of happiness of Endemigo to move forward with these values, to multiply by sharing, to carry our beauties with us and to share them. Every member of our community works to share the beauties with you. We can say that one of the most beautiful indicators of this is our business model that we have developed to protect the values ​​brought by beauty and share with you. Geographical Indications have such a place in our hearts. And our happiest moments are to share them with you...

Umut A.
Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Endemigo more than delivers what it promises with its special products and customer behavior. I'm glad to have you endemigo and glad to have discovered you. i hope you'll grow your culture and spread it to the world with each passing day. Thanks...
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