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Rize Trip, Historical and Geographical Indication Famous Rize Tea

History of Rize
Due to the green area dominating the region, not enough excavations could be carried out on Rize and therefore not enough archaeological findings could be found. For this reason, the prehistoric information of the city is very limited. It is thought that the name of Rize derives from the Greek word “riza” meaning Mountain Skirt and that the Asian tribes first lived in the region. With the conquest of Rize by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1461, Rize became a permanent Turkish homeland.
In Which Region Is Rize Located In Turkey?
Rize is located in the Black Sea Region of the Republic of Turkey. The neighboring provinces of Rize are as follows.
  • Trabzon
  • Artvin
  • Bayburt
  • Erzurum
Places to Visit in Rize
Rize is one of Turkey's most famous cities for its unique natural beauties. Black Sea climate is dominant in Rize. It rains almost every season in the region. According to the researches, the annual precipitation in the region is over 2,300 mm. The ideal season to come to Rize is summer. In summer, the temperature in the city is around 20 degrees on average.
  • Rize Castle: It is one of the most important cultural heritages of Rize with its view and history at an altitude of 150 meters above sea level. It consists of inner and lower castles. It is estimated that the inner castle was built during the reign of Justinian I (527-565), and the lower castle was built in the 13th century. Besides its unique natural appearance, the building as a whole can still present itself effectively.
  • Anzer Plateau: Anzer Plateau, also known as Ballıköy, is one of the most important natural beauties of the region with peaks exceeding 3 thousand meters and forests rising up to 2 thousand meters. The world-famous Anzer Honey is produced here, as it is home to many endemic flowers. It is also a region that will be enjoyed by those who do trekking, paragliding and summit climbing.
  • Ayder Plateau: At 1350 meters above sea level, Ayder Plateau, where Turkey's oldest thermal springs are located, is a complete oxygen reservoir. Known as Ayder Thermal Springs, the temperature of the water coming out from a depth of 260 meters is around 55 degrees. It is also within walking distance to the Gürgendibi and Gelintülü Waterfalls. It has a breathtaking and fascinating view covered with beech and spruce forests. Various festivals are held in the plateau throughout the year.
  • Kaçkar Mountains National Park: Kaçkar Hill, with its 3992 meters peak, is one of the most important peaks and the highest mountains of the Black Sea. It is a unique natural asset with its greenery and lakes and has been in the status of a national park since 1994. Streams such as Fırtına Stream and Hemşin Stream surround the national park.
  • Şenyuva Bridge: Its old name is Çinçiva. It is known that the construction date of the bridge is 1696. The bridge, 40 meters long and 20 meters high, built in a single arch form, is a historical monument registered by the Board of Monuments. The bridge hidden in the magnificent nature can be one of the most beautiful points of your Rize tour.
  • Palovit Waterfall: Its height is 15 meters and it is one of the highest waterfalls in Turkey. It has a rocky location with its unique natural beauty and lush forest. There are stairs to watch the waterfall closely.
  • Pokut Plateau: In Armenian, Pokut means windy valley. Pokut Plateau, where you can see every shade of green, is at an altitude of 2030. It is known that it was discovered in the 1750s. Although trees normally do not grow above 1800 altitude, trees reach the summits in the Pokut Plateau, which is covered with pine trees. From the Pokut plateau, you can see the magnificent view of the Amlakit, Hazindağ and Sal plateaus.
  • Gito Plateau: Despite its rugged and steep road that still preserves its natural structure, it is one of the plateaus where you will fall in love with its nature and magnificent sea of ​​clouds, be fascinated with its view, see all the colors of nature and enjoy it. It is a frequent destination for trekkers, nature holiday and camping lovers. The best time to go to Gito Plateau is spring.
  • Pileki Cave: It is one of the most important hidden beauties in the Iyidere district of Rize. Pileki is a special stone with an emptied middle part in the shape of a deep bowl found in the Black Sea. This stone is used as a kitchen utensil and is mined and processed from the Pileki Cave. As a result of these processes carried out for thousands of years, Pileki Cave has been formed and there are tunnels, wells and lakes in it.
  • Zil Castle: It is one of the most important works of Rize and one of the places we recommend you to visit. It is thought to have been built during the Trabzon Empire (1204-1461). 15 km from the center. away. The steep rock mass on which the castle was built is 750 meters from the sea and 100 meters from the stream bed. It is known that Zil Castle provided security both for the region and on an important medieval caravan route reaching İspir.
  • Storm Creek: Formerly known as Peruma, it is one of the rivers in the Eastern Black Sea region. It is 57 kilometers long on the slopes of the Kaçkar Mountains facing the Black Sea. Since it is suitable for water sports almost every day throughout the year, it is one of the places where water sports and especially rafting people go frequently.
  • Çaykur Tea Museum: We recommend you to visit the museum where you can find everything about tea, including various ethnographic artifacts.
Transportation to Rize and Local Transportation
Since there is no airport or railway connection in Rize, transportation is provided by various highways and seaways. Those who want to reach by plane are approximately 70 km from the city center of Rize. Trabzon Airport, located at a distance, is used. Urban transportation in Rize is done by municipal buses and minibuses. We recommend hiring a taxi or renting a car for a comprehensive tour, as the majority of the city is green space.
The World Famous Taste of Rize with Geographical Indications: Rize Tea
Rize Tea with Geographical indication, which is consumed by almost everyone every day in our country, was first started to be produced in Rize in 1923. Tea farming in Turkey first started in 1917 and has continued to gain momentum since the year it started. The first tea growing areas were officially established in Rize in 1923 and Rize tea began to be grown in these natural areas. Until 1947, the teas produced here were hand-picked and processed in workshops. In 1947, the first tea factory with a daily capacity of 60 thousand tea started its activities in Rize Fener Neighborhood. 90% of the agricultural lands in Rize consist of tea fields and 65% of the fresh tea production in Turkey is made from these fields. With its production capacity, taste and quality, the word tea has become synonymous with Rize. The most important climatic feature of Rize is that it can be rainy in all seasons. The tea plant can be grown in areas with more than 70% humidity and in areas with regular rainfall. For this reason, Rize is the most ideal region for growing tea.
Black tea; It is the product obtained as a result of withering, rolling, oxidation and drying from the leaves, buds and soft stems of the tea plant by processes in accordance with the technique. Rize Tea, which is classified as black tea, has its own unique taste, smell, color and aroma. Theaflavin (TF), the aroma compounds of Rize Tea; tearubigin (TR) affects the color of the brew. With its experience handed down from generation to generation and its deep-rooted history, Rize Tea has a unique aroma. The most important feature that distinguishes Rize tea from other teas in the world is; In almost no region in the world, except the Eastern Black Sea region, it does not snow on tea gardens. The thin snow cover falling on the Rize stream destroys all kinds of harmful pests and factors that may occur on the plant. In this way, it makes Rize tea better quality and delicious.
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