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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

The Story of Olive Oil, Indispensable for Tables

Olive oil, like other vegetable oils, is a type of oil used in cooking. Those who want to cook cook their meals with various types of oil. Olive oil is one of the most preferred oils. Olive oils, as the name suggests, are made from olives. Olive oil production dates back thousands of years. Olive is a flavor product originating from the Mediterranean region. Its origins date back to the Ancient Greek and Roman times. Although fabrication-based products are available in the market, they are available from manufacturers who manufacture with traditional methods.

What is the Production Story of Olive Oil?

It is a known fact that fabricated production is common in the production of olive oil. If fabrication is next to production, it is not without manufacturers who continue the tradition of manufacturing for thousands of years. Olive oil has a different production story dating back thousands of years. The first journey of olive oil begins by plucking from the branch. Olives plucked from their branches go through lithography as they did thousands of years ago. Olives that pass through lithography become dough. After the dough comes to the bride, the oil comes out from the pulpy structure of the olive. The oil that comes out turns into the olive oil that everyone knows.
The production story of olive oil is continued in accordance with traditional methods. Although the resulting olive oil is the same in terms of production, it is known with differences among the regions where it is produced. Even if the product name and the way it is made are exactly the same, the reason for the differences comes from the region where the olive is grown. The fact that the oils are so different is the difference in the soil and climate structure of each region. The resulting differences contribute to the diversity of flavor richness.

Important Regions in Olive Oil Production

Regions such as Edremit, Milas, Ayvalık and Sicily follow the same path in terms of production. In terms of taste, regional differences increase the variety. While olive oils produced in Turkey are generally in shades of green close to yellow, olive oils grown in Sicily are generally green in color. Although Edremit, Milas and Ayvalık use the same method for production, regional differences increase flavor diversity. Olive oil produced in Sicily shows its difference with its fruity aroma as well as the spice-like flavor that accompanies it. When olive oils meet the relevant production standards in the different regions where they are produced and pass the analysis, they are registered and indicated as a geographically indicated product.

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