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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Trabzon's Unique Handcraft: Sürmene Knife

Trabzon city, which is among the most colorful cities of the Black Sea; stands out with its nature, food and local products. Trabzon always arouses admiration for nature lovers with its wide plateaus and misty valleys. Among the things that come to mind when the name of the city is heard; fishery, cuisine, sea and a variety of products unique to the region. The fishing profession is the most characteristic part of the city. Continue the fishing profession by taking heirlooms from the ancestors of the people living in the region.
Sürmene district is perfect for those who want to see the characteristic side, nature and products of Trabzon. At the top of the product name lists in the region; hazelnuts, tea, legumes and citrus fruits come to the fore. Another example is fish products and cuisine. Seafood in the district is quite diverse and rich. In Sürmene, where abundance is gushing from its sea and soil, fruits enthrone hearts on the tables. Black fragrant grapes and sour apples enchant those who try it. Those who go to Sürmene district feel a great closeness to the district after the day they go.
Whether in the kitchen or on the hunt, Sürmene Knives are the address of quality.
The most important product of Sürmene district is Sürmene Knife. Sürmene Knife is respected all over the world among knife types. Surmene Knives has a variety of knives of almost all types. Those looking for quality in hunting, kitchen and cutting processes prefer Sürmene knives. The reason for such a great demand is the quality and safe construction of the knives. It is the steel used in the construction that ensures the quality of the Sürmene knives. The steel used makes the Sürmene knife both a healthy and a quality tool. Health and quality is the most emphasized discourse of those who buy Sürmene knife. The reason why the Sürmene knives are healthy is that they do not cause any rusting. The healthy problems to be experienced in some metal-derived knives do not arise with the confidence of the steel alloy. With its quality structure, Sürmene knives ensure that there are no situations such as breakage or wear. These features are factors that reinforce confidence for those who use the Sürmene knife.
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