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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Cultural, Social and Individual Meaning of Turkish Carpet and Rug Weaving

Turks initially invented making rope and weaving from these ropes as a necessary part of their natural life. Turks are a society that has been professional since prehistoric times, living in very large areas, dealing with animal husbandry, and developing logistically durable, portable products that will benefit every aspect of their lives. They have continued this culture from history to the present day. These products, which were initially produced out of necessity, had very important roles on an individual basis.
For example, it was clearly seen that weavers' perception of art, mathematical awareness, ability to use reason and manual dexterity began to increase considerably, and that they gained patience and strength in the struggle for life and passed on these characteristics to the next generations. For this reason, starting from childhood, tying knots, making rope and knitting are a culture that is highly valued in Turks. This culture has almost never been the work of slaves in Turkish history.
People who are interested in weaving have always been respected and prominent people in the society, whether they do it for their family, their neighbors or the society. Today, Turkish women still knit to pass the time while chatting, even when they get together in a guest house. They develop their hand skills almost to the point of exhaustion. Even ill-tempered, rebellious boys learn this art. In this way, they would be able to develop their intellectual minds, focus on solving their problems calmly and rationally, and be patient and determined. For Turks, each individual's ability to develop a talent is a symbol of freedom and an indication of not being dependent on anyone in the struggle for life. For this reason, Turks see carpet and rug weaving as an element of cultural development. Before getting married, girls prepare their dowries with the products they weave. These dowries show how talented that girl is, how patient and attentive she is, how strong and intellectual she is. In this way, he receives the respect of both the person he marries and those around him.
During traditional festivals, hand weaving competitions were held and the most talented women were rewarded. A girl would continue weaving not only because she was going to get married, but also to improve herself, to support and beautify her home after marriage, and for the future of her children. Weaving is a free and original art that we use all the time in our lives, completely respectful of nature.
The encounter of the West with hand-woven carpets and rugs (through the crusades, the Conquest of İstanbul and finally geographical discoveries) caused Europe to experience periods of admiration for this art of the Turks.
Due to the increase in the demand for weavings, various weaving workshops and then fabrication/production started to develop. However, Turks have continued this culture in its original form in every geography they have been in, especially in Anatolia. We can easily say the following about the tradition of carpet and rug weaving. “Tradition is the sum of successful innovations.” Carpets and rugs are perhaps one of the most successful innovations and inventions in history. It is an artistic miracle made by human hands, respectful to nature, people, and life, increasing the intellectual.
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