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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Yalova's Historical & Traditional Handicraft Çınarcık İşi with Gi Tag

History of Yalova
It is known that Yalova has hosted different civilizations since the Neolithic Age. According to estimates, the first settlement in the region was made by the Bithynians (Bithinians). The Kurşunlu Bathhouse, located in the Termal district of the city, dates back to BC. It is estimated that it was formed by a great ground shaking around 1200 BC. On the outer walls of this bath, there are reliefs of Nymphs, known as the fairy of heat and health, Hercules, known as the god of strength, and Asklepios, known as the god of health. Yalova, which has hosted people from different civilizations for years, was finally declared a homeland of the Ottoman Empire with the conquest of Gazi Abdurrahman and has taken its present form as a Turkish homeland since then.
In Which Region Is Yalova Located?
Yalova is a city located in the southeast of the Marmara Region, established between the north of the Armutlu Peninsula and the northern borders of the Samanlı Mountains. The neighboring provinces of Yalova are as follows. Mustafa KEMAL ATATÜRK, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, made statements such as "My City" and "Pioneer to Liberation" for Yalova. In 1930, upon the request of Atatürk, Yalova became one of the districts of Istanbul, but in 1995 it was separated from Istanbul and declared a city on its own.
  • Istanbul
  • Bursa
  • Kocaeli
  • Sakarya
  • Bilecik
Places to Visit in Yalova
Summers in Yalova are hot and dry, and winters are warm and rainy. The air of Yalova has a structure that can be visited in all seasons. Therefore, you do not have to wait for any season when you go to the city to visit.
  • Atatürk Pavilion
  • Bottomless Lake
  • Walking Mansion
  • Elmalik Castle
  • Black Church
  • Open Air Museum
  • Stone Bridge
  • Thermal
  • Yalova City Museum
  • Delmece Plateau
Urban Transportation in Yalova
In Yalova, there are city buses, minibuses and boats that can be rented to go to the places on the seaside. In addition, thanks to the city's developed bicycle paths, you can rent bicycles rented by the municipality and provide transportation in this way.
Traditional Handicraft of Yalova Çınarcık Geographical Indication Çınarcık İşi
"Çınarcık İşi (Handwoven)", which has a history of approximately 80 years, is the Geographical Indication products that the women living in Çınarcık district of Yalova handmade on the fabrics. Original Cinarcik İşi is a handicraft applied by spinning on cotton and linen fabrics and processing the fabric with natural threads. In the past, it was used to make bedroom sets (bed skirts, pillow cases, bundles) and was an indispensable part of every girl's dowry. Today, it is applied in the processing of all kinds of home textiles and clothing products. You can discover the original Geographical Indication products woven by the working women of Çınarcık and the women's cooperatives in Çınarcık by clicking here at Endemigo.com and you can buy them with cargo on the same day.
Image: Çınarcık Handwoven Tray

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